Monday, February 27, 2006

I know there's no-one there but I'll pretend there is..

I keep coming across acquaintances' blogs and reading two years of posts in one go. This has been making me feel furtive, prurient and dishonest. There's a name, isn't there, for people who hang around chatrooms and read but never post. Is it 'lurker'? It's a name for something loathesome, and I have begun to worry about it. Hence this blog. Although as of now I have nothing of moment to communicate. Apart from - I sat opposite that Kirk Brandon on the train the other day, and for a long time I thought he was Luke (or Matt) Goss. Sic transit gloria mundi, eh?

Soon come:

Now, however, Lambeth is dark and terribly cold, but I must away across its marshy maze to the very terminus of death.

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