Friday, March 10, 2006

cops hate and fear sperm

Well now here's a thing. It seems that a shop in Brighton's North Laine has upset the cops. The shop (JuJu, the clothes shop on the corner of Kensington Street that faces north up Sydney Street) had a childs t-shirt in their window that bore the slogan "Winner of the Egg & Sperm Race". A cop went into the shop and told them to remove it. They disputed it and were threatened with arrest. It's still in the window, but with a sticker over the offensive word "sperm", although why the word "egg" is deemed less offensive in this context is unclear. Anyway, I know it's not exactly Lady Chatterley's Lover or Naked Lunch, but what the fuck? Anyone fancy putting on a sperm-related event and postering it? Maybe a swimathon?

Christ, that's getting a bit Savoy wars. Still, nice to have a cause to fight for. Even if it is a trendy boutique.
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