Tuesday, May 16, 2006

not in pub on friday shock

I'm doing a reading this Friday, March 19th at the permanent gallery in brighton, along with Gary Goodman, Claudia Pouffot, and Hammet Story Agency. I would imagine things'll kick off around 8. There's normally a bar of sorts, I believe its £2 on the door. I'll be reading poems about the sun, rice, ghosts and Albert Ayler.

In other news, I decided to give Catling another chance and scored a copy of his Late Harping from etruscan (who now seem to have withdrawn it - try amazon used I guess, or abebooks), whose books are designed by someone who clearly considers the E4 tv idents the very acme of sophisticated elegance, and find that, yes, when he's not mooning over his missus he can still deal that weird blocky heat. Phew. I met his partner once, and she was charm itself, and her drawings were fucking fantastic. Catling was very pleasant too (this was at an after-a-Gary-Stevens-show do at Catling's flat in Oxford), laid on a feast of lebanese food, and at one point handed me a cannon ball - I forget why. I spent most of the night talking with his seven year old son about sweets.

Also, we've booked a trip to Italy and we're doing to San Gimignano, Siena and Rome. And maybe somewhere else if we feel like it. Which has nothing to do with poetry or anything, but I'm so excited I can't help it.

Also, I want to try and get in first on the John James revival (not that he's ever really gone away, y'know, but..) and am preparing to unburden myself about his engaging trendy-teacher demotic / lyric /avant cheerful lovely poems. Yes, soon come...

I shall be there.
I shall not, but wish I was.
Good luck tonight Al. Do they say "Break a leg, Luv" in these circles? Hmmm, I wonder.
By the way, I always thought the expression was "fan-fucking-tastic" rather than "fucking fantastic". Just goes to show.
A little tmesis does add vim and pep to the most quotidian of remarks, you're quite right. Abso-fucking-lutely.
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