Tuesday, July 18, 2006

bird bird wolf wolf wolf

I'm not exactly busy, but I don't seem to have any time. I wonder if the heat may have buckled the day in the way it did the window frames of a newcastle train station causing sheets of glass to to cleave the gelid air and geordies quite in twain. Or at least fall harmlessly out, or possibly just loosen, but anyway...where was I? Hot, isn't it? I'm halfway through writing something about George Oppen, less than half way through the Oliver thing, about to start a new job which means committing to a 9-5 routine for almost the first time ever (about time, really), panicking slightly about how I'm going to do 2 (or more) people's jobs, and running out of clean clothes because it's too hot to bend down and put things in the washing machine. It was therefore with great delight that I gazed on the cool and plain onedit. Lots there, especially the wonderful Jeff Hilson's Bird Bird stuff. More of it here.

I'm doing a live event with the Brighton improvising guitar & drums trio Raised By Wolves soon, although I'm not entirely sure about the date. The something-teenth of August. For those who've never experienced RBW, get some here (scroll down), and imagine me shouting to be heard in the background.

Heh heh. And 9-5. Phew.
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