Friday, July 28, 2006

don't look here, look over there

I've got an essay about Douglas Oliver up on Intercapillary Space, along with some fairly luminary company.

Also, I'm enjoying this gossipy treat.

Will do that Oppen thing over weekend (unless the beach proves too big a temptation)

Bastard. Brilliant. Bastard. I've got to raise the game now.

Git. Brilliant.
that was a beautiful essay, I really enjoyed it - thank you
A pleasure to read. Nicely done.
Hi Mate

'Sun' is an imagiste jewel

PUPIL.Why is it some many of us have such a strong tendency to not see things as they really are?
CHOGYAM.I think largely that we are afraid we will see it.
(ask a silly question)

Regards, Switch User
Fordham Park
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